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Stating the source of supply –
Where to buy good wine Increase visits and sales for your shop by using the source of supply feature in the Wine Reviews by wein.plus

How to increase sales by stating your sources of supply

Three quarters of all wine buyers seek out information on wine quality and suitable sources of supply before buying on the Internet.

This is an increasing trend, and together with wein.plus you, as a Business Premium-Member of wein.plus, can benefit from this development. As a recognized serious wine guide for wines from all over Europe, our pages are consulted every day by tens of thousands of wine lovers.

Each entry regarding the source of supply is featured prominently in the profile of each producer. This means that readers can see at a glance which merchants have the wines of the desired wine producer available for sale.

A sophisticated source of supply management tool will indicate relevant sources of supply sorted by country and customer group.

You can add, view, change and update all your sources of supply here: Source of Supply

Your benefits:

  • Free of charge for Business Premium-Members of wein.plus
  • You are reaching out to a potential of more than 225,760 registered wine lovers
  • Each potential customer can see the sources of supply listed next to the wine producer descriptions in the Wine Reviews
  • It takes just one click for the customer to go to your online shop!

How you can enter yourself as a source of supply: for Business Premium Members only

  • Log into the site with your Business Premium access code.
  • In the Wine Reviews, call up the wine producers whose wines you are offering for sale.
  • Click on the link „Add source of supply“ and add the name of your shop as well as the direct link to the wines in your shop. Save, and you are ready to go.
  • Repeat this procedure for each wine producer whose wines you have for sale.

Managing sources of supply in the wholesale trade

As a wholesaler, you can also use our source of supply management feature. In the wein.plus Wine Reviews, enter yourself as the source of supply for the wine producers whose wines you offer for sale. What is important for you is that your entry is not visible to consumers, it can only be seen by re-sellers, and is thus a signal for retailers and restaurants that they can source the wines directly from you.

What can you do if you cannot find a particular wine producer in the Wine Reviews?

With a total of 2,432 classified wine producers from all relevant wine-producing regions in Europe, we certainly try our best to show a representative section of all high-quality wine producers in Europe. Nevertheless we are certain there must be some qualitatively leading wine producers we have not yet included in the Wine Reviews. You can change that, quickly and easily.

You as a merchant can send in tasting samples!

  • For members there is no charge involved in sending in the appropriate wines from your range for tasting.
  • We will definitely mention you as a supplier of the wines of this producer.
  • As soon as the wines have been tasted, and the producer complies with the qualitative requirements for a classification, you will benefit from the promotional effect without any additional cost.

Let the wine producers send in tasting samples!

Naturally you can also encourage the producers of the wines you have in your sales range to submit their wines directly to us.
In each case, we require 2 bottles per tasting sample.
Thank you.