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Do business safely on the Internet thanks to competent legal advice
Together with the lawyer, wine merchant and Internet specialist Hans-Peter Kröger, wein.plus offers its Business Premium-Members a competent and inexpensive checking and monitoring of all relevant aspects and formulations of your website, to ensure there are no formal errors or traps that could affect you.

For a cost of only 150.00 Euros (plus value-added tax), lawyer Hans-Peter Kröger will make you aware of all relevant risks even before the first legal claims come your way. This means you can concentrate on your business, and do not have to worry about dubious contemporaries and their claims. This service is worth much more than it costs, as every single written warning can easily cost several thousand Euros. So don’t take any risks. Let lawyer Hans-Peter Kröger provide you with competent and unbiased advice. You can feel secure and confident, at a preferential price. A service by wein.plus – exclusively for business premium-members!

Setting up and checking general conditions of business

It has become extremely difficult for online vendors to offer their products and services on the Internet in such a way that all legal aspects are covered. For that reason; please do not use standard conditions of business, nor should you simply copy somebody else’s general conditions of business! These might be quite simply ineffective, or their unauthorised use may make you subject to legal claims for breaches of competition or copyright clauses. There is a sheer endless number of laws, regulations and legal precedent that must be followed in online trading - and these are constantly changing. For somebody operating an online shop without expert assistance it is almost impossible to operate an online shop in accordance with all the legal restrictions. Legal claims based on incorrect pricing designations, errors in the rules regarding cancellation of sales, incorrect information in the general company information, etc. are therefore unfortunately an everyday occurrence. Online merchants are therefore strongly advised to regularly have their shops checked in terms of conformity with legal requirements.

Checking the general conditions of business

Lawyer Hans-Peter Kröger offers to examine your general conditions of business, so that you can be certain in future that your online shop conforms with all legal requirements, thus protecting you from legal claims. This offer is aimed particularly at companies already operating an online shop, and who are simply uncertain whether the conditions of business used are adequate in conforming with the law. Or you might have received a legal claim, and want to or need to adjust your conditions of business, in which case lawyer Kröger will update your conditions of business, and will additionally advise you on any further changes that you should consider.

Services provided in terms of checking on general conditions of business:

  • Checking the existing conditions of business, with particular reference to inadmissible clauses or clauses that may be open to legal claims
  • Checking the ordering procedure
  • Checking the company information/legal imprint
  • Compilation of a catalogue of questions that allows you to check your entire online shop for possible critical problem points, and thus to ensure you are completely in accordance with legal requirements (for example, even individual faulty formulations can result in legal claims

Cost: Basic offer 150.00 Euros (plus value added tax)

Drawing up general conditions of business

For those who wish to expand their activities to include the Internet, who want to update and replace their existing conditions and terms of business, or those whose existing conditions of business require extensive reformulation, it makes sense to consider drawing up a new set of general conditions and terms of business. The implementation of individually drawn up, legally checked conditions of business provides significant benefits:

  • Legal conformity right from the start
  • Optimisation and customisation in accordance with your needs
  • Best possible transparency for your customers Security in case of disputes

Basics required to draw up general conditions of business:

  • Drawing up of individually customised general conditions of use or business
  • Consulting/advice on effectively tying the general conditions of business in with the online shop
  • Comprehensive legal advice and practical tips
  • Counter-checking any legal claims that may already have been filed

Cost: simply enquire without any obligation, a cost proposal will be drawn up free of charge.

Update service

If you want to keep up with the rapidly changing and increasingly confusing legal development, the Kröger law office is in a position to offer you an update service for a very moderate monthly fee. This ensures you are regularly updated on the latest developments in terms of new legislation or case law related to the formulation of general conditions of business, where there is a need for you to implement changes, you will at the same time be shown how to do this in a practical manner. Simply ask - we will be happy to provide you with an offer, with no obligation.

Additional services

The Kröger law office is also available to you in other questions related to the topic of legal advice, providing reliable and competent advice. Be it that you yourself want to make a claim in terms of infringements of the law on competition, that your Internet shop is sufficiently well known that it is perceived as a brand, and you might wish to register and legally protect a trade mark with the German (or other Trademarks and Patents Offices, or in many other cases. Simply ask for an individual offer - with no obligation.

Brief curriculum vitae of lawyer Hans-Peter Kröger

Hans-Peter Kröger gained many years of experience as a lawyer with large financial services companies in the field of commercial vehicles. While still a student, he established an internet wine shop in 2000. His interest in the new media also influenced his professional activities as a lawyer, leading him to advise and represent clients in the field of media and copyright law. In addition, he regularly presents lectures on the topic of Internet and the law.


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