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Make your wine offers from over 23,000 producers from Europe registered with us optimally visible on wein.plus! They can be found quickly and specifically via the wein.plus:find+buy buttons in the editorial environment and with direct links in the top-frequented wein.plus:find+buy search, our search engine for wine offers. You can use two different methods to integrate your portfolio. The easy way!

You can create the producers yourself manually via your profile at wein.plus. To do this, you must go to the find+buy area. There you will find the corresponding button to add them. Important: Make sure that you always enter the correct URL to your online shop. However, you can also use the second method, which offers you more automation.

To make your wine offers available to all users of wein.plus, we only need the link to the product feed of your online shop for this method. Every modern e-commerce system with standard functions provides an export function for the data of your wine products in the form of a CSV or XML feed. As soon as we receive the link to your product feed, we will initiate all further steps to integrate your wine offers into wein.plus:find+buy. This service is included in the Business Premium membership!

Step 1 1

  • Send us the data of your wine portfolio as a URL (link) to your product feed from your shop system. This is the optimal solution for wein.plus:find+buy. If this is possible for you, go directly to step 2. The exact format requirements can be found at the bottom of this page.

Step 2 2

  • We need the URL (link) to your product feed in the form of a CSV or XML file containing the required data for the products you offer. The list of data fields required for our system can be found below. If you have any questions, our team will be happy to help you at any time.

Step 3

  • Please send us the web address (URL) of your product feed here. Already done!

Only available for Business Premium members
Only for professionals, producers and companies

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Step 4

  • Our team will check the formatting of your feed. If it meets our specifications, we will start the import and notify you that your data has been implemented. All wine offers in your shop from producers who are registered in the wein.plus database will then be available in wein.plus:find+buy.
  • If the formatting of the data is incorrect, you will also receive a message. If possible, our team will be happy to help you find the error.

Here you will find the file format requirements for the product feed

If necessary, request the product feed from your technician or e-commerce service provider.

Our formatting specifications:

  • Charset: UTF-8 or ISO 88589-1
  • Separation of data fields: Tab, comma (, ) semicolon (; ), vertical bar ( | ), tilde ( ~ )
  • Separation of data records: Line break
  • Decimal point: full stop (. )

The following fields are required by our system:

  • NAME of the product
  • DESCRIPTION of the product (without HTML code)
  • PRICE per bottle (gross)
  • BOTTLE SIZE of the product
  • YEAR of the product
  • URL to the product in your online shop
  • ALCOHOL (%)

We recommend integrating these fields for greater user convenience and precise allocation of wines:

  • Product ID
  • Product number (EAN)
  • URL to the image file
  • Manufacturer (producer)
  • URL to the manufacturer (producer) in your online shop
  • Country of manufacture
  • Region of production
  • Grape variety(ies)
  • Type of wine