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Use the wein.plus seals and quality certificates to create confidenceCreate confidence and show quality

The seal for classified producers

The wein.plus classification seal is an instantly recognisable sign of the high standard of quality produced by a winemaker. This classification provides your customers with security and orientation, creating confidence in making a purchase.

The producer classification is a result of the representative wine ratings achieved by a wine estate in the long term at wein.plus tastings. The classification categories range from to (world-class producers). This rating is constantly reviewed by our tasting team in the light of wines tasted currently. Where a producer, whose wine you have in your range, achieves a high level of quality over a number of vintages in the wein.plus wine reviews, you can feel confident in using our easily recognisable seal in your marketing efforts.

The seal can be downloaded, it appears next to each wine of the producer on wein.plus. There you can call up a ZIP file at the top right of the page, reflecting all the seals relevant for this wine and producer. Business Premium Members also receive the seal as a high-quality badge by mail.

The seal for favorite wines

Einer unserer Lieblingsweine
An accolade that is more concerned with emotions than with objective criteria and points rankings is that for "favorite wines".This is not about objectivity or points scores, but rather about our very personal recommendations. Favorite wines are the wines that, in the opinion of the tasting team, have tasted the best, wines they themselves would buy and drink. In this sense, the associated seal is a very special accolade and award. You may also use this seal for advertising the appropriate wines in your range.

Wine seals and the wine certificates

The same applies with respect to our wine seal that we use to point out the quality of the wines in our current tastings. Even though we are known for being more strict and restrictive than many other wine guides: great wines deserve to be praised with a seal!
  • Show in an instantly recognizable form that this producer is recognized for the high quality of his wines!
  • you can immediately let new customers feel that they can feel secure in buying highly regarded wines!
  • Increase sales, as the seal used in conjunction with a shop also attracts more attention!
You can find the seal for downloading purposes together with the appropriate wine in the wine reviews. In the top right corner of the screen you can call up a ZIP file with all seals relevant to the wine and the producer.

The premium-members' seal on wein.plus with or without a customer rating

Benefit from the high level of awareness of wein.plus and create a transfer of confidence by displaying your membership at wein.plus.

This is the purpose of the members' seal. This is even more effective in conjunction with lots of positive ratings by your customers.
That creates confidence and trust.

More about why and how in this short video DE

Use in your tasting room, on flyers and lists

As a business premium-member of wein.plus you are entitled to use all seals and certificates free of charge for advertising purposes related to the various wines and producers!

The seal can be easily integrated into your marketing and into all your communication media. It is available in digital form, and can be used in a number of ways:
  • On your homepage
    Place the seal in an easily visible position on your site, close to the producer resp. wine, and use it in lists in order to filter results in accordance with this reference and accolade.
  • In your online shop
    Draw attention to all wines from classified producers in your range by using the seal! This significantly enhances the value of your online wine offering in the eyes of both old and new customers.
  • In your tasting room
    Be it in conjunction with tastings in your shop or at trade fairs: the seal attracts attention, confirms your quality, supports your arguments and provides material for discussion.
  • In price lists, brochures and flyers
    You can also use the seal in all printed material in order to draw attention to classified producers.
  • On social media
    Post the seal on your social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram and share it with your friends and followers. We would be glad about a link to the wein.plus page.
We also suggest you set a link to wein.plus or directly to the appropriate producer, so that your customers can fully understand the classification in the wine guide, and can read the wine descriptions and ratings.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to send an Email to info@wein.plus.

Important notice related to the laws on competition and use of names

When using the seals in conjunction with individual wines, please do so only in accordance with the laws applying to competition and the use of protected names applicable in your country. There may be restrictions in terms of designating wines, for example, in terms of § 30 of the German wine regulations German wines may not be marked with the seal in the German wine trade. however, there are no restrictions in Germany on marking wines of non-German origin with the seal. We are not aware of any restrictions for the trade in other European countries, however, we cannot exclude the possibility these may exist. These possible restrictions refer only to the direct labelling or marking of wines, not to the general descriptions of producers on websites or in other forms of information.

Reference: Using the seal of quality increases the likelihood of purchase

"Overall the study has shown that the likelihood of a wine identified by a seal of quality is on average 4.2 per cent higher than it is for products without such an identification. furthermore, consumers are prepared to spend more: on average they will accept a price that is 2.3 per cent higher than that of products without a seal of quality."