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The seal for classified producers

The classification seal from wein.plus provides immediately recognisable proof of the high standard of a wine producer's work. This classification gives your customers orientation and security and creates trust for their purchases.

The producer classification is based on the representative wine ratings that a winery has achieved over the long term in the wein.plus tastings. It ranges from to (world-class producers). This rating is constantly reviewed by our tasting team based on the wines currently being tasted. If a producer whose wines you have in your range has demonstrated a high level of quality over several vintages at wein.plus, you can use our eye-catching seal for your marketing.

You can download the seal for any of the producer's wines at wein.plus. There you can download a ZIP file with all the seals for the wine and producer at the top right. Business Premium members also receive the seal as a high-quality badge by post.

The seal for favourite wines

The "Favourite Wines"award is less focused on objectivity and more on emotions.

This is not about objectivity and points, but about our very personal recommendations. Favourite wines are those that taste best to the tasting team and that they would buy and drink themselves. The associated seal is therefore a very special honour. These seals can also be used to advertise the corresponding wines.

Wine seals and wine certificates

The same applies to our wine seal, which we use to recognise the quality of the wines from our current tastings. Because even if we are considered to be stricter and more restrictive than many other wine guides: Great wines deserve a seal!

  • Show immediately recognisable: This company produces recognised high-quality wines!
  • Give new customers immediate reassurance and a high reputation!
  • Increase sales, because the label also attracts more attention in the wine shop!

You can download the seal from the corresponding wine in the wine guide. There you can download a ZIP file with all the seals for the wine and producer at the top right.

The premium member seal at wein.plus with or without a customer rating

Benefit from the high level of awareness of wein.plus and create a transfer of trust by showing your premium membership at wein.plus.

The seals for premium members are available for this purpose. These are even more effective with many positive reviews from your customers. This creates security and trust.

Find out more about why and how in this short video

Use in the tasting room, on your flyers and lists

As a Premium Business member of wein.plus, you are free to use all seals and certificates for advertising purposes with the respective producers and wines!

The seals can be easily integrated into your marketing and communication tools. It is available in digital form and can be used in various ways:

  • On your homepage
    Place the seal clearly visible on the site at the respective winery or wine and in lists for filtering by this reference and award.
  • In your online shop
    Label all wines from classified producers in your range with the seal! This will significantly enhance your online wine range for old and new customers.
  • In your tasting room
    Whether at in-store events or at trade fairs: The seal attracts attention, proves your quality, supports your arguments and gets people talking.
  • In price lists, brochures and flyers
    You can also use the seal for classified producers in all printed materials.
  • On social media
    Post the seal on your social media pages such as Facebook or Instagram and share it with your friends and followers.

Why not also place a link on wein.plus or directly to the respective producer so that your customers can follow the classification by wein.plus and read the vineyard ratings.

If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail at info@wein.plus.

Important note on labelling and competition law

When labelling wines, please only use the seals in accordance with country-specific labelling and competition law. There may be restrictions on the labelling of wines; for example, according to § 30 of the Wine Ordinance, German wines may not be labelled with the seal in the German trade. There are no restrictions for non-German wines in the German trade. We are not aware of any restrictions for trade in other European countries, but we cannot rule them out. These possible restrictions only affect the direct labelling of wines, but not the general description of producers on Webpages or in other information.

Voices of our members

Dirk Würtz

We are a Business Premium member at wein.plus, because our wines are very present in Sam Hofschuster's wine reviews. This helps us to win new customers for these wines.

Dirk Würtz
Weingut St. Antony, Nierstein (Rheinhessen)