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Facilitate your organic certification

In accordance with the EU organic regulation of 2007, all vendors are subject to certain controls, if they distribute organic products. Therefore, if you have even only one organic wine (or more correctly, one wine produced from organically grown grapes) in your range, you are affected by this duty to subject yourself to organic controls, and must have your company certified. As by now many top wine producers have switched at least partly to organic methods, this rule probably affects almost all wine merchants.

The service offered by the ÖkoP certification centre is optimal for our premium-members in terms of pricing, but also in practical terms. ÖkoP has been certifying producers and processors from all fields for more than 20 years, in accordance with the rules set out in the organic regulations. As a business premium-member of wein-plus, the annual costs of maintaining your organic certification amount to 230.00€ plus Value Added Tax. Prerequisites for this price include an annual turnover of at most 100,000€ achieved with organic products - and a duration of the control of a maximum of one hour.