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More than 224,054 Private and Business Members have registered with wein.plus since the platform was launched in 1998. We welcome more than 300 new members each month.

Around three-quarters are consumers interested in wine, while one-quarter is made up of professionals, such as 11,270 wine merchants, 26,091 wine producers as well as at least 1,488 wine journalists, as well as merchants for accessories, 4,794 restaurateurs, 1,312 fine food merchants, as well as agencies and many more.

A large number of these are even members in the network, thus displaying their close ties to the topic of wine as well as to the wein.plus digital platform with its independent and substantive reporting features!

A total of 69,478 members receives the wein.plus newsletter.

Up to 141,824 professional wine reviews and ratings offer on of the largest amounts of Europe-wide professional winereviews. It is updated almost daily, and is subject to strict tasting guidelines.

The Magazine provides news and background articles on wine regions and grape varieties, on wine laws and the wine business, on new vintages, relevant events and interviews – indeed on everything that is important in the world of wine.

The Lexikon with its 23,435 entries ist he most comprehensive wine encyclopaedia in the world.

If all the information available on wein.plus were to be printed on paper, this would make up a pile of paper more than 50 metres tall, filled with reliable wine information.

wein.plus was established in 1998. The founder and chief executive of wein.plus is Utz Graafmann, the head taster is Marcus Hofschuster. In total, the team of wein.plus consists of 20 employees.

wein.plus is financed by means of membership fees.

As Premium-Members of wein.plus, Business Premium-Members benefit from greater visibility, they enjoy many benefits offered by our key partners, as well as an exclusive members bonus of 15 per cent on many marketing services.

Many well-known media (e.g. Spiegel and Focus magazines, Süddeutsche Zeitung and FAZ newspapers, Rai (Italy) have reported on wein.plus.

Indeed, wein.plus is the only wine website that complies with the strict relevance criteria of the German Wikipedia, and is represented there with its own entry.

Feedback in the social media also shows the great popularity of wein.plus:

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