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How to finally get your message exactly to your target group

Use wein.plus:standalone.mail quickly and easily for your advertising

Advertising that is wanted - and read

More than 300 billion emails are received and sent every day around the world. What is frustrating about marketing with e-mails. You ask yourself: how to stand out in the mass of e-mails? How to send your message to exactly the right target group?

Do you know what? We offer you a solution for exactly that: use wein.plus:standalone.mail from wein.plus for your advertising.

The advantages are clear: your message is the focus and you reach exactly your target group. Without wastage. Simple and fast. Effective and proven. Also for small advertising budgets. Would you like to write to hotels in a certain region? Or journalists and bloggers? Or wine merchants in a country? Everything is possible thanks to the precise selection in our database.

You are interested in our wein.plus:standalone.mail?

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Your message to selected recipient groups

Only for Business Premium members of wein.plus!

With this wein.plus:standalone.mail your message will exclusively reach a selected group of recipients. We can freely select the target group/s for you from the extensive database of wein.plus.

Selections are possible according to many criteria:
Postcode area
Wine lover
Journalists, bloggers, multipliers
Wine producers
Wine merchants
as well as many other individual selections

Advertising by e-mail is ideal for:

  • Press releases to all journalists registered on wein.plus
  • Mailings to all or selected specialist retailers in a region or country
  • Mailings to wine-affine restaurateurs in a region or country
  • Event advertisements to all private and/or business wein.plus members within the radius of the event location (e.g. 100 km) defined by you
  • Advertising for a specialised shop within a radius of your choice (e.g. 20 km)

Technical data for the wein.plus:standalone.mail:

  • Format: HTML mail
  • Maximum file size: 50 kB

Price per mailing

  • Set-up and selection fee: 349.00 Euro
  • Price per dispatched mail: 0.29 Euro


  • E-mail to a selected group of wine merchants
  • 2.634 sent mails x 0,29 Euro = 763,86 Euro
  • plus flat rate of 349,00 Euro = 1.112,86 Euro

Your advertising gets through

We send your e-mail with a professional service provider (Amazon-SES). The bounce rate (undeliverable e-mails) is very low at approx. 0.1%. The same applies to the complain rate (spam complaints), which is only approx. 0.01%. This proves: The recipients accept our e-mails! This ensures our very high e-mail reputation with all providers, so that the e-mails do not end up in the spam folder.

Every e-mail is tested on over 100 different target environments (operating system versions, screen sizes, e-mail software, etc.) before it is sent, in order to achieve the optimum display for recipients.

Appointments are sent in such a way that users can add them to their diary with a single click.

According to the study 'Efficiency of Marketing Channels in the On- and Offline Sectors of Interactive Commerce' by BVH and Trusted Shops, email marketing is the most efficient online tool. 32 percent of mail order companies say that email marketing has a high response and repeat buyer rate.

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